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5 Fun Hobbies to Learn While on Assignment

Dec 18, 2019

You’ve driven across the country, settled into your new digs, worked your first three shifts, and successfully learned how to use the Kronos system….yay!! Now you have four days off all to yourself! What shall we do?  

How you spend your downtime can impact your overall wellness and make days off more enjoyable. Here are some fun hobbies you can start while on assignment: 


Once heralded an activity solely for grandmothers and great-aunts, this hobby had a huge renaissance in the early 2000s. In 2010, Penguin Books put out its first knitting book since the 1950s. So don’t worry about losing any cool points for picking up this amazing hobby! What makes this craft so very accessible to learn is Youtube. There are thousands of videos for students of all skill levels, including people with absolutely no experience. You’ll be surprised how fast you can pick up crocheting, and quickly become addicted to making scarves, beanies, and other fun gifts to impress your friends and family. And the bonus is: this is a very inexpensive hobby to start – you’ll just need yarn, a hook, and scissors. Even Walmart has a wonderful yarn department. 


Here’s another fun hobby to impress your co-workers and new neighbors! Who doesn’t love someone who comes to work with warm cinnamon rolls or cranberry muffins! This hobby fills many voids…hunger…and loneliness!


If you are like me, you’ll skip this one and go back to #1 and #2. But running is truly a great way to stay healthy, strong, and increases the release of dopamine, making you feel wonderful! If you are in a mild climate area, this can also be an inexpensive hobby, just a pair of quality running shoes, and you’re off to the races. (don’t scrimp on foot-wear, my husband always says)

Learn an instrument 

Might I suggest the ukulele…it is small, portable, traveler-friendly, and inexpensive – you can get a good, solid uke for under $50.00. And if you have a mobile device, you already have access to excellent teachers, again, Youtube. If you can learn just four chords, you will be amazed at the hundreds of songs you can play! 


This might be the best hobby we could suggest to you a wanderlust adventurer! If you can invest in a quality camera, you can take the hobby to the next level. But even your smartphone can capture the beautiful memories you are making every time you venture off to your next assignment.

Share Your Hobbies with GetMed Staffing

We love that you travel – and because you’ve taken the leap into the crazy adventure, you’re definitely someone who likes to keep learning and stay active! 

GetMed Staffing would love to hear about your hobbies or suggestions to other travelers to fill the days off. Contact our team today!