We get travel nurses.

Let's make a difference.

As a travel nurse, your career is in your hands. Explore the vast array of medical opportunities available with GetMed and take control of your professional path. Our open travel nursing positions empower you to enhance your skills, broaden your experience, and create lasting memories along the way.

Discover the freedom and flexibility of your new lifestyle with GetMed Staffing, while leaving a positive impact on patient care every step of the way.


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See what other travelers are saying about GetMed.

If I have any questions, my recruiter is always available to answer them. I have worked for other travel companies before; they never treated me like she does. Thank you for being the best!
Angie H, Case Manager RN, BSN
I love working with the team at GetMed! As a new traveler, my recruiter is good for me because she is upfront about everything and good at explaining the way the business works. She always checks in to make sure everything is going well.
Mandy C, LTC LPN
I always know I am supported and taken care of when I am on assignment. My recruiter is hands on, easily available, and takes care of any of my nursing assignment needs in a timely manner.
Lisa W, Medsurg/Tele RN
Don't call it a dream, call it a plan