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5 Ways You Can Adjust to the 'New Normal' at Work

Jul 20, 2020

How well you adjust to the new way things are being done helps instill confidence in your patients, which in turn reduces their stress level and can have a significant impact on their health. The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone make a shift in their lives and their work.

Here are five strategies to consider.

1. Be Creative

Johnson & Johnson recently interviewed 10 nursing pioneers who developed innovative solutions during the pandemic to help their units and community. One team of nurses and engineer's from Massachusetts-Amherst designed a low-cost protective face shield while another team developed a virtual platform so family members we're able to interact with their loved ones in the hospital. Others have developed new face masks, means of communicating during a code, or developed ways of preserving personal protective equipment and saving IV extension tubing. Each of these developments were founded out of necessity, as are most creative solutions.

2. Rethink Processes

Creativity is not limited to, medical equipment. During the pandemic, strong clinical leadership is needed to ensure quality care that aligns with the newest information about treatment for severely ill patients. There continues to be many uncertainties about the virus since much of the global literature published since May 2020 has yet to reach hospital staff. 

3. Embrace New Initiatives

The pandemic has questioned established norms and opened the door to new operational practices. At the same time that new initiatives are being developed to provide life-saving care, hospital leadership are dealing with high demands. It will be necessary to embrace change in healthcare processes to move patient care forward at a rate that keeps up with the demand of caring for severely ill patients.

4. Seek Operational Excellence

While you likely have always thought of providing excellent care to your patients, it is also essential the organization embraces functional excellence to reduce negative patient outcomes. Your role is crucial since the practice of excellence must be disseminated at both the grassroots level and leadership positions.

5. Breathe

Life is moving at a fast pace, and adjustments to a new normal are being made each day. You need to practice stress-reducing strategies to help protect your health. Strategies that many find helpful include meditation, prayer, exercise, and talking with friends. It's also important to support your physical and mental health through adequate sleep, proper nutrition, hydration, and exercise.

Travelers Make a Difference

GetMed Medical Staffing understands the difference our travelers make during their assignment. We are committed to supporting your efforts to provide excellent care while still appreciating a different environment and culture. Call our recruiters today! We are excited about expanding your future career growth.