A GetMed physical therapist traveling right after college

Advantages of a Traveling Physical Therapist Post-College

Mar 22, 2023

Becoming a physical therapist can be an enriching career path in healthcare. Unlike other positions in the industry that spend a limited time with patients, physical therapists spend weeks and sometimes months with their patients, allowing them to build more meaningful relationships. Likewise, becoming a PT traveler will enable individuals to gain hands-on experience on ways to hone that experience for reliable and agile care.

Why is it beneficial to new graduates? Here are four reasons why traveling as a physical therapist is a great choice right out of college.

1. Start traveling sooner

Typically, most traveling positions require two years of clinical experience before an individual can apply for their first assignment. However, becoming a physical therapist requires obtaining a doctorate (DPT), whereas other modalities most often need a bachelor’s. Therefore, travel therapists are exempt from the post-graduate clinical requirements because of the additional schooling and clinical work done before graduation. 

2. Gain diverse work experience

Flexibility is a significant draw for people entering healthcare traveling. For newer travelers, it can mean great chances to build a resume, meet mentors, and work with many different therapy approaches. When you choose a career as a travel PT, you gain access to diverse practice opportunities. Getting hands-on practice in various settings and for different employers will provide you with more valuable on-the-job experience in much less time. You’ll naturally hone the skills you learned in school while gaining new ones.

With a solid work ethic, you’ll have reliable references from various nationwide in a couple of years. Then, if you’re looking for a permanent location one day, your experience can help you land a job wherever you want. The soft skills you’ll learn will even apply to various other careers if you leave the healthcare industry one day.

3. Pay off student loans faster

Although completing a DPT is highly gratifying, it also comes with much debt. While paying off student loans may not be the most immediate concern for everyone, it can be a pressing factor for many new graduates making the financial adjustment.

Fortunately, physical therapy is in high demand nationwide. Therefore, travel PT jobs often pay much higher than most static positions. Additionally, many healthcare staffing agencies (like GetMed) reimburse travel PTs for travel expenses, licenses, and health coverage. Most clinics, hospitals, and private offices don’t (or can’t) offer the same benefits.

4. Enjoy a healthy work/life balance while you’re figuring it all out

People who go into healthcare traveling are driven, ambitious, and agile— but this doesn’t mean they have (or need to have) everything figured out. The beauty of traveling is that it lets individuals learn what they value in a career, location, and facility.  Switching assignments every 13 provides ample opportunities to test out an array of options as a new grad. It’s a great way to meet new people, including experienced professionals in your field. A bonus of traveling is that you'll work with a variety of professionals, which can provide you with a much more well-rounded knowledge base. Once you find the ideal location or setting for your specific needs, you can decide to settle down and take a permanent placement. Likewise, after a few assignments, you’ll have a better indication of the assignments that work best for you, which can help your recruiter find those best fits.  

Let GetMed help you toward success

Graduating at any level is an exciting accomplishment, and traveling in healthcare is a great way to challenge and grow your skills in the field. That said, becoming a traveler can be more complex than expected.  Partnering with GetMed Staffing is the next step in the right direction. Healthcare professionals are more in-demand than ever. With an increasing number of open positions, travelers can earn more money, have more flexibility, and travel the country while working in a rewarding industry.

Our team is dedicated to each of their travelers and is passionate about helping them achieve success— whatever that looks like for them. Have questions about the healthcare staffing process or how GetMed can take your career to the next level?

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