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Benefits of Becoming a CNA Traveler

Jun 15, 2023

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) provide care and support to patients in various healthcare settings. Working alongside registered nurses, CNAs assist with bathing, dressing, and feeding patients. Do you have your CNA certification? Becoming a professional traveler in healthcare can offer an exciting and rewarding opportunity for CNAs looking to advance their careers and broaden their horizons.

We'll explore how CNAs can make the most out of becoming a healthcare traveler, including tips on finding the best travel assignments, building new skills, and maximizing flexibility. So, whether you're a seasoned CNA or just starting your career, read on to learn the benefits of becoming a CNA traveler and take your professional journey to new heights.  

Benefits of Becoming a CNA Traveler  

Higher pay rates  

Most travel CNAs can make an annual salary of between $40,000 - $70,000. This depends on the amount of experience you have and location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), travel CNAs earned an average of around $22 more per hour. This is roughly 2x more on average than a full-time permanently placed position.  

The top five highest-paying locations for travel CNAs are:  

  • California  
  • Massachusetts  
  • Washington  
  • Wyoming  
  • New Jersey  

Check out what current jobs we have in these locations that may be a good fit for you.

Opportunity to travel and explore new places  

One of the biggest perks of becoming a healthcare traveler in any specialty is the opportunity to explore. Talk to your recruiter about your career goals to optimize this benefit. Are you looking to earn more money? Work in certain hospitals or facilities? Cross a particular state off your bucket list like a travel CNA in Florida?

By keeping specific benchmarks in mind, you can slowly curate an impressive resume while accumulating priceless memories as a professional traveler.

Increased job flexibility  

Being a healthcare professional is a stressful job, but traveling can help individuals better attain that work/life balance that might be lacking in their current roles, mainly because being a traveler grants more professional autonomy. Travelers have the privilege of choosing assignments in different cities, creating flexible scheduling, and having more options in terms of contract lengths.

This freedom ultimately allows travelers to have enough time for their private lives. Even though becoming a travel CNA takes some extra planning, it also opens so much opportunity. We suggest using the flexibility to go on longer trips, learn more, and spend time with loved ones between assignments.

Diverse work experiences as a Professional Traveler  

Working as a CNA traveler provides opportunities in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and rehabilitation centers. For example, if you are looking for travel CNA jobs in Utah compared to Maine, you'll quickly learn that each setting operates differently, meaning travelers can learn new skills, procedures, and technologies to which they may not have been exposed before. In an ever-advancing field like healthcare, these experiences will enhance critical skills.   

Professional growth and development  

Healthcare travelers, such as nurses, doctors, and therapists, have the unique opportunity to work in a wide range of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers. This exposure to different settings allows them to gain valuable experience and expand their skill set.

Working with diverse teams is another advantage of being a healthcare traveler. These teams often consist of professionals from different backgrounds, specialties, and levels of experience. Collaborating with such a diverse group of individuals provides healthcare travelers with the chance to learn from others, exchange knowledge, and develop new perspectives.

Moreover, the variety of facilities and teams that healthcare travelers encounter enhances their overall professional growth. By working in different settings, they are exposed to a wider range of medical conditions, treatment approaches, and patient populations. This exposure helps them become more adaptable and versatile healthcare professionals.

Additionally, healthcare travelers often have the opportunity to attend conferences, workshops, and training sessions offered by the facilities they work in. These educational opportunities further contribute to their professional growth by allowing them to stay updated on the latest advancements in their field and acquire new skills and certifications.

Overall, the combination of working in diverse facilities and collaborating with diverse teams provides healthcare travelers with a unique and enriching professional experience. It not only expands their knowledge and skills but also helps them develop a well-rounded perspective on healthcare, ultimately benefiting both their own careers and the patients they serve.

Working as a traveler will present many challenges, and each assignment will teach adaptability skills and demonstrate that you can offer a wide range of knowledge. It also provides opportunities to build a strong network within the industry that can create invaluable relationships as your career evolves with each travel CNA agency.    

How to make the most of your role as a CNA traveler  

Although being a healthcare traveler is incredibly rewarding, each assignment will take time to adjust to. To make the most of your time at each location, we suggest the following:  

  • Unpack immediately and explore: If you're new to traveling, we suggest taking time to make yourself at home as soon as possible. Living out of a suitcase can eventually lead to feelings of isolation, negatively impacting mental health. Setting up personal belongings at the beginning of a new assignment can aid in establishing routines early, which is valuable for the hectic schedule that comes with working in healthcare.   
  • Put yourself out there when you can (but don't put too much pressure on yourself). Consider asking for recommendations on popular restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or farmer's markets. Joining coworkers for outings can provide insight into the area and foster relationships for future opportunities.  
  • Likewise, engage with patients to ensure quality care. Ask for feedback and provide accessible resources for patients to create trust. Although you are only with them briefly, you can leave lasting impressions on the people you work with during every assignment. There's something magical about that, and it's a benefit not many can say they have in their career.   
  • Always seek out continuous learning opportunities. A few ways to do this include participating in e-learning, in-service training, taking short courses, or volunteering. When a traveler is better trained, they gain more opportunities in their career path.  


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Becoming a CNA traveler offers numerous benefits beyond just a higher salary. The opportunity to explore new places, interact with diverse teams and cultures, and reap the results of more professional autonomy are more than worth taking the plunge into this adventure.   

Travel CNA agencies like Get Med Staffing is proud to assist in our traveler's journeys at any stage to ensure they are experiencing all the healthcare world has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can elevate your traveling career!