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Choosing the "Right" Healthcare Staffing agency

Jun 28, 2022

Are you a staff nurse thinking about that travel life or an experienced traveler who is considering which healthcare staffing agency is the best? There are so many considerations to make, and with so many options, how can you trust that you have all the information you need to make the right choice? This is more than about the money (even though that is important), it’s about finding a company that values you and aligns with your goals of being a travel nurse.  

As you get started, reflect on your motives and goals as a traveling healthcare professional. When you know what you are looking for in a company and recruiter, you can pinpoint the must-haves in a great company that aligns with your goals and values. Why did you want to become a healthcare traveler? Was it for the pay, experience, or adventure? Find your why and lean on it as you make the decision on who you partner with. 


What to Know Before Signing that Contract:  

Our team has the top considerations you should make while researching and choosing which healthcare staffing agency to travel with.  


  1. What size is the agency?  

Partnering with a large or small company has its benefits but also its downside. Many GetMed travelers come to our small agency after feeling like their needs haven’t been met while working for a large healthcare staffing agency. We take pride in how we treat everyone on our team at GetMed and that shows by how our travelers feel.  They say that their recruiter gives them the personal attention they were looking for in the larger company and makes them feel very well taken care of.      

  1. How many years of experiences do they have?  

The agencies’ experience in recruiting is a huge consideration to make when choosing the “right” healthcare staffing agency. There is an uprise of new agencies and now more than ever it is important to ensure you’re partnering with people who know the industry. GetMed Staffing’s Leadership has more than 35+ combined years of experience in the healthcare staffing industry. And on top of that, our leadership and team members receive ongoing training to further our education. After experiencing many different types of business practices over the years, GetMed made it a priority to differentiate themselves in the industry by putting the traveler first.  


  1. What benefits do you get? 

We get it, pay + the perks are why many healthcare workers decide to jump into travel nursing. There is more to consider than pay when choosing an agency to work for. Ask your recruiter what things are included when you take on the assignment. Some key questions to ask to dig deeper are:  

  • What is their health, dental, vision, and life insurance cover? 

  • Do they have 401(k) Retirement Plan? 

  • Pay – process, taxes, payments? 

  • What travel reimbursements do they have?  

  • Licensure reimbursement? 

  • Referral Bonus? 


  1. Locations and assignment availability:  

Have a specific city or state in mind that you’re wanting to travel to for your next assignment? This is a huge deciding factor in whether they work with a certain agency or not. For many travelers, the location is why they travel so they are willing to sacrifice other things to get there. Want to adventure everywhere? Give your recruiter an idea of what your career goals are, and they will work with you to find the assignment to match. GetMed Staffing has jobs across the country that fit your goals. View our open jobs here!  


  1. Research reviews of the company: 

Researching the company and reading reviews of others’ experiences of working with the company is so important. You want to ensure you can trust them when you need them. Start by looking at industry resources to learn more about the company. Great starting points are Google, Facebook, and Indeed.  


  1. Recruiter and Agency Relationship:  

Your recruiter and the relationship you have with them is what makes or breaks your experience with the company. Finding someone who you trust and who has your back is important as a traveler because they are the ones negotiating and fighting for you when you need them to. Does the recruiter you’re working with have your best interests in mind when offering you assignments or are they trying to push you into accepting assignments just to collect their money? When you start working with a recruiter, share your goals and expectations in your career; share how you would like to work with a recruiter. Some considerations for you: 

  • Do you prefer to communicate via text, email, or phone call? 

  • How often do you want your recruiter to check in on you? 

  • As jobs arise, how often do you want to be notified for these assignments? 

  • Do you want someone to motivate you through the process or do you prefer to do it on your own?  

All relationships between recruiters and travelers are normal, it just takes time to find a recruiter that matches what you’re looking for. At GetMed you don’t have to worry about being passed around the office and being unsure about who is helping you, our recruiters will be the only connection you work with to ensure they can help you! 


GetMed Staffing Prioritizes you and your well-being!  

We truly just care about you and helping you reach success! Jumping into traveling as a healthcare professional or switching agencies can be scary, but we are here for you every step of the way. Have questions on what the process of getting started with our team is? Get started here!