Don't let the Holidays SCARE you from Taking an Assignment!

Oct 28, 2020

As October comes to an end, it is time to start considering an assignment for the holiday season. There are many reasons to consider an assignment this time of year, but the top 5 are detailed below.

There are less candidates looking for contracts

A lot of travelers take the holidays off, giving you a greater opportunity to find the assignment of your dreams. In addition, the number of contracts rise around the holiday season due to high patient numbers and lower permanent staff numbers.

This gives you the benefit to consider some important factors that may not have been available before such as a warmer climate, similar to this opportunity in California or an assignment closer to home to easily visit family.

Avoid the increased competition for contracts in January

Because a majority of travelers take the holiday season off, the new year brings a multitude of professionals ready to begin their next adventure. This makes competition for January contracts very tight.

When you begin a contract in November or December, you already have your foot in the door. This gives you more experience and reduces the need to look for another assignment during the busy season.

Build Your Travel Resume

Many contracts require or strongly prefer travel experience, so the holidays are a perfect time to build your resume. With less competition and more contracts, you are more likely to pick up an assignment with less experience and become eligible for more desired assignments in the future..

Holiday pay and overtime potential

If you are looking for a little more cash to spoil your family and friends this holiday season, a holiday assignment will be perfect. With the increased demand for travel nurses during the holidays, there may be incentives such as higher wages and the opportunity to pick up extra shifts.

Each assignment is different, so be sure to speak with your recruiter prior to submittal and the hiring manager during the phone interview to ensure there is the potential for overtime and holiday pay. In addition, ask about scheduling, as most assignment follow a rotating holiday schedule.

Your willingness to work holidays could also score a great recommendation for future assignments.

Make an even bigger impact on patients with COVID visitor restrictions

No one wants to spend the holidays alone, and with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting hospital visitor policies, you can make an even bigger impact on your patients’ lives this holiday season.

It is easy for patients to feel disheartened when they are not well and can’t be around their family – especially for the holidays. As a holiday traveler, you have the opportunity to make their spirits bright. This will not only bring your patients joy, but it will help you feel fuller while you’re missing family during the holidays too.

Are you ready for your next adventure?

The holiday season brings high patient volume, and hospitals and facilities need staff to fill the gaps. If you are interested in a holiday assignment, call the professional recruiters at GetMed today. We can help you find the right assignment and get ready for a new adventure.