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How to Prepare for your Fall Assignment

Jul 6, 2022

Leaves, cooler temperatures, football, pumpkin spice everything =the best time of the year! But, with the best time of the year comes a big question for traveling healthcare professionals... Where are you planning on going for your fall assignment? You don’t want to miss out because you didn’t plan earlier. A huge part of traveling requires so much planning before, during, and after your assignment. And with endless opportunities to travel across the country while being a traveler, it makes it hard to narrow down where to go, when, and what your goals are. Get a head start by working with your recruiter to communicate what you are looking for. When you have a plan, you feel less stressed and have more time to focus on what is most important to you! So... 


Fall is approaching, what’s your travel plan? 

Have your fall plans already been picked out with your recruiter? You’re in luck! We’re seeing an increasing number of healthcare professionals planning out their fall and winter assignments to get ahead on top contracts! If you haven’t started planning your fall assignment no worries, we know it seems early, but it will be here before we know it and you want to be as prepared as possible for your next assignment! We’re here to help you plan!  


How should you prepare?  

1. Begin talking with your recruiter to secure your desired assignment + location  

Relieve stress by getting a jumpstart on finding the best assignment that matches your needs and wants! Highly desired travel nurse contracts get booked up quickly during the summer, so start the process by sharing with your recruiter your goals and top destinations you want to travel to. This will kickstart the search process as your recruiter starts trying to match contracts that best suit your goals; whether you’re looking for the best-paying assignments, top cities to visit, or a specific hospital, our team will do our best to find the best assignment for you! Even if you aren't a current traveler, it is still beneficial to learn more about joining GetMed’s team of traveling healthcare professionals! Our qualified team can answer all of your questions to ensure you set out on any assignment with confidence. 

2. Start planning in advance for holidays and vacation time

As your recruiter is working on finding you the * best * assignment, start planning any fall vacations, family trips, or holiday time off you will need during your contract. Knowing your time off needs allows our team to work with the facility to arrange for any accommodations during your contract. We get time off and visiting family is important, it is helpful that you communicate any requests when working with your recruiter to ensure that everyone is in the loop about your expectations! 

3. Having consistent income and benefits

One major overlooked aspect of a traveling career is the balance of having consistent benefits along with the flexibility to work when you’d like. Traveling as a healthcare professional on average earns 2x more than a staff nurse, and it allows you the flexibility to work for 13 weeks and then take a couple of weeks off for vacation. To ensure you have consistent income and benefits, work with your recruiter to determine the best way to move forward. Whether that’s booking back-to-back assignments or helping you take time off to take a vacation, your recruiter can help you have all the information you need on your benefits coverage.  

4. Ensure your certifications are up to date

While your recruiter is working to find your assignment options, now is a great time to review all your certifications and when they expire. If an expiration date is approaching, take time to update and recertify your licenses before submitting you to a new assignment. This speeds up the process of hiring and onboarding so much. Have trouble knowing what might be needed? Based on the state you’d like to travel to different certifications can be required. Talk with your recruiter to determine the must-haves and how to get recertified. 

5. Research top contracts + locations to visit during fall

Throughout the country, all cities experience the fall season but based on where you are at, it could look totally different than in another part of the country. Depending on your goals of traveling (which can guide what location you take an assignment in) it is important to research based on what you’re looking to accomplish. Whether that be hiking a mountain, going sightseeing, working at a top-ranked learning hospital, making a lot of money, or any other goal you have, we’re here to help you get there. 


The Top Locations for your Fall 2022 Assignment

we have the list of top must-visits assignment locations you need to know! 

  • Tennessee: the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, need we say more? If your goal is to adventure and hike, Tennessee is a great location for you to take an assignment. During the fall, the state sees fewer travelers and allows for downtime to explore the national park. The park is gloriously filled with bright orange, yellow, and red leaves. 
  • Georgia: if sightseeing is your thang, then Georgia has you covered! From the Appachalachin Trail to Atlanta City and everything in between. The nature, southern charm, and hospitality of the state keep traveling healthcare professionals returning after having such great experiences. GetMed Staffing has many jobs in Georgia calling your name!  
  • North Carolina: looking to get the most bang for your buck while also enjoying beautiful scenery? North Carolina could be the state for your fall assignment! Ranking below the national average for cost of living by the ACCRA Cost of Living Index, North Carolina is a cost-effective location for healthcare travelers looking to save money on their living expenses.  
  • California: if you’ve never been you wouldn’t think California is known for its fall season, but one of the coolest parts about the fall season in California is how the color change starts at the top at 9,000 feet and ascends down the mountains. A beautiful sight when the fog clears and the views across the Golden Gate Bridge are spectacular!  
  • Texas: with new jobs opening daily, Texas is a hot destination for fall assignments! Don’t miss the opportunity to spend the fall season in Texas enjoying all the live music, beaches, state parks, local treasures, and more. Not only does the season offer great activities, but the assignments are also based at hospitals that have high-paying contracts. Find your next assignment in Texas.


Why GetMed Staffing?

Whatever your goals are for your assignment: pay, location, adventure, the team is here to help you Get there. We’re not only experienced in recruiting healthcare professionals, but we are also truly passionate about helping you achieve your goals!  

Our personalized recruiting approach allows you to have an ally at GetMed and someone who has your back no matter what. Bags packed and ready to get planning your fall assignment? Let’s get started!