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How You Can Stay Safe While Still Adventuring on Assignment

Aug 24, 2020

Traveling is a fun and adventurous experience that can fill your storehouse with exciting and entertaining stories. Yet, during months when an infectious disease is rampant, it's also important to stay safe and well. This doesn't have to mean living in your apartment and work, never venturing beyond those walls. Instead, it means proactively taking steps to protect your health. 

These are some of the steps you can take while staying safe and healthy during your assignment.

Prevent the Spread of Infection

These are steps to help prevent infection while you are spending your off-days adventuring during your assignment.

1. Handwashing

2. Mask Up and Social Distance

3. Support Your Immunity


How to Help Improve Your Health During This Time

Serum Vitamin D Levels

There is mounting evidence from around the world that your serum vitamin D level is predictive of the severity of disease and risk of death. While many of these initial studies are observational, several interventional studies are currently underway. It's important to note the overwhelming number of observational studies that find vitamin D is predictive of severity and does not come from one database or even one country. 


Other nutrients that may help reduce oxidative stress include:

  • Zinc that has known benefits against respiratory viruses
  • Quercetin that acts as a zinc ionophore, helping zinc get into your body's cells to stop the replication of RNA viruses, like COVID-19
  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) that is a precursor to glutathione; these improve lung function and reduce clot formation that triggers respiratory distress with COVID-19

While it may be necessary to do things a little differently during infectious disease season, it's still possible to have fun, go on adventures and stay safe.

Are You Ready for Your Next Adventure?

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