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Take Advantage of Your Telemedicine Options

Jul 13, 2020

Healthcare delivery has been evolving, transitioning from people visiting the witch doctor in his tent, traveling doctors throughout the American West, physicians setting up an office, and now to telemedicine. Urgent care and on-demand healthcare is a necessity since no one can schedule a twisted ankle or strep throat. 

Telemedicine began its illustrious history in projects that provided people in rural America and astronauts orbiting the Earth with medical care. Today, the devices used are similar but much smaller in size, with a greater number of services and features. Traditionally, chronic diseases have been managed through office-based visits rather than frequent contact and regular measurement. However, wearable devices and digital communication have allowed doctors to monitor high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and diabetes with greater success.

Telemedicine Is Ready for COVID-19

After the World Health Organization announced the COVID-19 pandemic in January, doctors and scientists began considering how they might reduce exposure to the virus in patients seeking medical care. Telemedicine became a tool in an infection control arsenal, with the hope it could reduce exposure and improve care.

With rising numbers diagnosed with coronavirus, U.S. health agencies and hospitals are seeking to expand telemedicine. Interestingly, digital technology is being used within facilities as well as to interact with people at home. 

What's the Next Step?

Although hospitals, physicians, and third-party payers are embracing the potential for telemedicine to reduce exposure and improve patient care, the next step is to raise awareness in the patient population about how to take advantage of the technology and the importance of using it.

Getting these services in place before fall helps hospitals and physicians take on the added burden of influenza. This is a unique time in healthcare history and one that can be overcome using digital technology in a way that was not available at home in past decades. 

Are You Ready to Travel?

During times of uncertainty or high patient volume, healthcare facilities are seeking talented and capable healthcare professionals to fill in their gaps. This is a perfect time to help grow your career and your experiences, both professional and personal. Even as more hospitals and physicians are embracing telemedicine to meet the needs of their patients, there continues to be a need for hands-on professionals. Call GetMed Medical Staffing to learn what opportunities are waiting just for you!