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Tips for Meeting People While on a Travel Assignment

Oct 9, 2019

Are you one of those people who loves meeting new people? Do you go somewhere and "never meet a stranger?" Travel nursing could be the perfect fit for your lifestyle. This career path offers the opportunity to travel to many different cities and meet new and interesting people on a regular basis.  

Millennial medical travelers are entering the market at double the rate baby boomers did, and experts believe they will outgrow the number of Generation X nurses by 2020. This makes them the largest market share in nursing. This explosion of growth, paired with the loneliness medical travelers can face while on assignment, creates a challenge to the growing industry.  


Here are some ideas on how to meet people while you're traveling the countryside.  


Join a Local Sports Club or League 

If you are active and enjoy a particular sport, find out if there are any public groups you can join. Running groups are great, or maybe you like to play softball. Whatever your sport of choice is, this can be a great way to meet new people while staying active, too! 


Attend Community Events (Food or Music Festivals) 

Most cities have regular festivals, and whether it is food or music, you're bound to find people who share the same passion as you. 


Get to Know Your Neighbors 

It may seem cliché, but your neighbors sometimes turn out to be the closest people in your inner circle. Plus, you can't beat the commute when it is time to kick-back and unwind. 


Join a Workout Class at the Gym 

Working out is a great way to meet new people and is an easy ice breaker, since everyone is there to sweat and work hard. You can always reward your hard work by going out for food and drinks afterward.  


Try to Connect with Your Co-Workers 

This may seem obvious, but not always easy to do. Try to find things in common or try to meet up after work so you can get to know who they are outside of work. If you don't strike a friendship with them, maybe they will invite someone who clicks with you.  


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