GetMed shares top 10 apps for Traveling Healthcare Professionals

The Top 10 Apps you need as a traveling healthcare professional: 

Apr 19, 2022

While you’re taking care of patients on a travel assignment, our team is constantly trying to become a better resource for you. Up next: We’re bringing you the must-have apps you need as a healthcare professional in 2022 that will make your life a little brighter and more efficient.  


We asked the experts and here are the top 10 apps for you: 


  1. Evernote - the best app to help travel nurses stay organized 

Evernote might be the most amazing app on this list. We could keep going on about how great it is, but the bottom line is that the app can help travel nurses stay organized. The app allows you to create notes like to-do lists, upload documents and store them and can modify and take a picture of the document if needed. The app has functions that can save webpage bookmarks and redirect emails to the app to organize them all. We were geeking out over this one but think it would help all our healthcare travelers get their items organized in one central location. 


  1. Waze – the best navigation app 

This is the best app for real-time traffic updates and notifications on the cheapest gas prices near you during your trip. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that allows drivers to see and avoid reported wrecks, construction closures, or police radar traps. We discovered many travel nurses use Waze to navigate while driving their assignment and back.  


  1. Uber – the best way to get around app 

Uber is a nationally owned transportation company that allows you to plan pickup and drop-off trips through your phone. If you are not planning on driving a car to your assignment, download the Uber app before you leave to ensure you have reliable transportation. 


  1. Spotify – the best music streaming app 

Looking to get into your groove? Create your playlist or stream other Spotify services to pump it up. All jokes aside, Spotify’s discovery music, podcasts, and playlists allow you to feel comfortable where you are. So, whether you’re looking to pass time or listen to something light-hearted like The Good Nurse Bad Nurse podcast, Spotify has you covered! 


  1. Furnished Finder – the best housing locator app 

Traveling healthcare professionals across the country use the FurnishedFinder app to find rental places for their assignments. FurnishedFinder was created by a travel nurse who grew the platform from a Facebook community page that now offers rentals for traveling healthcare professionals. There are multiple options that will fit into your budget...from private apartments and houses to shared living spaces. We recommend travelers look into rentals offered through the app when researching their location options. 


  1. Facebook – a popular app for meeting other travelers 

We know everyone has Facebook nowadays, but are you a part of the resourceful traveling groups of healthcare professionals? From a travel nursing expert herself, Kylee with Passports and Preemies, she shares the top 10 groups to join if you are or are wanting to be a travel nurse: a highlight being @TheGypsyNurse Travel Network, read more about the other Facebook groups you need to join here: 🤩


  1. Audible – the best app for taking care of yourself 

We all need time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a delightful book. An app that is highly suggested for creating a relaxed and refreshed mindset is Audible. Hear your favorite authors narrate their books in a way that makes you never want to stop listening. The convenience of the app is what keeps us coming back – plans start at $7.95 per month and include access to thousands of titles.  . You can listen in the car, during your break, working out, the possibilities are endless. 


  1. AllTrails – the best hiking app 

Traveling as a healthcare professional provides you with the opportunity to explore areas you haven’t been to before. The app, AllTrails helps you find local trails to hike or bike that is in your selected preferences. There are over 300,000+ trail maps as well as reviews and photos from the community of over 35 outdoor enthusiasts that makes adventuring easy. The app features “don’t drain your battery” by having access to maps that are offline and can be downloaded for later use. 

GetMed Top Ten Apps for Healthcare Travelers


  1. BringFido – the best dog app 

At GetMed Staffing we understand your furry companions are family. That’s why we prioritize their experience as much as we do yours. BringFido helps you browse, compare, and book trips with your pet with options of 250,000+ dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, parks, and other places to go with your pup. You can take photos and rate your experience for a chance to explore other reviews. Don’t forget to tag GetMed Staffing in their adventure! 


  1. OOO – Out Of Office – the best travel companion app 

This is the newest app in 2022 for travelers who are looking for an honest review of their next destination. While you’re on assignment, finding places you can eat, go out, and do fun activities is important. If you don’t create a work-life balance (especially while on assignment) you could end up feeling burned out and wondering the signs - read our blog here

The beauty of this app is it highlights the hidden gems, best-of, and top recommended visits for your trip. The app features allow you to explore recommendations from your trips and build a wish list of places you want to go. After you visit, take a photo to share your trip and remember all the places you’ve gone. 


The key to traveling as a healthcare professional isn’t having all the latest and greatest apps but it is about creating a life that excites you. Our list of top ten apps for you are ways you can explore while on assignment by meeting new people, hiking a new trail, listening to a book, or taking your pup to dinner. 


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