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Travel as a Pair During the COVID Crisis

May 27, 2020

Are you excited by the idea of traveling but not sure if you want to step out into this adventure on your own? Living in a new city for 13 to 26 weeks may seem a little daunting, especially if it’s your first assignment. Yet, it’s a smart decision to consider traveling to help boost your income, enjoy a flexible schedule, take advantage of tax benefits, and discover the nuances of a city like you live there and not like a vacationer.

One option is traveling with a professional friend. Two of you take a traveling assignment in the same city, so you have a built-in support system while you’re away. This is an arrangement many of our travelers have explored and completed.

An additional challenge to traveling in this current climate is staying healthy and maintaining your social distancing protocols the CDC recommends to help reduce the spread of viral infections. It’s important to remember, the people you live with, whether they are family or friends, are considered your primary group.

Here are some tips to be sure that as you travel as a pair, you enjoy all the benefits and may avoid mistakes.

Flexibility is Key

If you are ready to travel, you’re already using your flexibility muscles! Individuals who maintain rigid schedules and don’t enjoy change will not enjoy traveling. As you and your partner consider assignments, it’s essential to maintain your flexibility and keep an open mind to the possibilities.

For instance, you may easily find two contracts in the same city, but they may not be on the same unit, the same shift, or even at the same hospital. This is an advantage since it allows each of you to spread your wings, meet new people, and learn new skills but still have a strong support system living in the same city. It’s like having all the benefits of traveling and taking home along with you.

What’s Your Plan for Housing?

As you and your traveling partner consider the city and assignment options, another to consider is where you’ll live. One of the benefits of traveling most professionals enjoy is the higher compensation package that’s offered to those willing to leave home for 13 weeks. You can increase that benefit by taking an apartment together, thus boosting your housing benefit.

While you should keep six feet from people in the community to maintain social distancing, it’s not necessary when you’re living together. So, this means if you choose to live in separate housing, it’s necessary to maintain that social distance to protect your health and the health of your patients.

Living with another person may take a little flexibility if you’re used to living alone or enjoy your private time. But it’s well worth the effort! To make a housing partnership successful, have a conversation before you move in. Be sure to talk about:

  • Who does the cooking and cleaning; how the chores are split
  • How much alone time you may need to recharge your batteries
  • Agree to communicate about issues that might crop up
  • Exchange emergency information with each other
  • Talk about house rules when one of you has guests over
  • Consider a roommate agreement outlining what you both expect from each other
  • Consider a Compromise

You and your travel partner may have your heart set on an apartment at the beach, working the same shift or traveling to work together. Sometimes it may all fall into place, but more frequently, you’ll have to make a few compromises to make the situation work. There are good and bad compromises. For instance, if you and your partner want to work in a large metropolitan city, living in rural Wyoming is a bad compromise - but being flexible about which large city is a good compromise.

Are You and Your Travel Partner Ready for an Assignment?

At GetMed, our recruiters focus on making your travel assignment a good experience because traveling should be fun, adventurous, and unique experience. We are experts at supporting you before and during your assignment - so call your recruiter for help! Call us today and let’s get started finding you an assignment to make your travel dreams come true.