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A Travelers Guide to Housing

Feb 7, 2024

Whether you're a travel nurse, an LPN seeking short-term housing, or a healthcare professional on the move, finding the perfect home away from home is crucial. We'll explore the ins and outs of travel nurse housing sites, LPN short-term housing and the role of nursing recruiters.

Understanding Travel Nurse Housing

First starters, you need to make a decision on whether you prefer securing accommodation through an nursing agency or using a stipend. Neither option is necessarily better than the other, it will depend on factors such as the necessity for traditional housing and the extent of research you want to conduct on the area. Nursing or LPN short term housing looks a little different because it will be temporary based on how long your travel contract is.

Agency Provided Housing

When you're looking for housing as a travel nurse, there are a few different options you will want to consider. In some cases, there is agency provided housing.

Agency-placed housing offers advantages like not having to deal with deposits, utilities, and cancellation protection.

Housing Stipend

The other common option would be to find your own housing. A housing stipend is a predetermined amount included in your contract to cover accommodation costs during your assignment, encompassing expenses for housing, transportation, and food.

Opting for a stipend means taking on the full responsibility of identifying, securing, and financing your housing, along with associated expenses like utilities. The specific cost varies depending on your destination and the contractual terms.

We recommend that you look at your options before accepting a job offer so that you know it is feasible for your lifestyle.

The advantages of selecting the stipend compensation method include:

  1. Increased control over your living arrangements
  2. Potential for additional move-in/out time
  3. Potential for lower overall costs

Key considerations for travel nurse housing

Doing your research is a key component to a positive travel housing experience. You will want to research the location of your assignment or talk to your nurse recruiter about what previous travelers have done in those locations.

Things to consider when finding housing:

  • Evaluate commute time to workplace
  • Assess proximity to essential amenities, including food and services
  • Examine available housing types (houses vs. apartments) in the area
  • Research crime rates in the neighborhood
  • Is it fully furnished?
  • Explore public transportation options
  • Prioritize thorough pre-research to secure safe and convenient housing
  • Ensure affordability while meeting your specific needs

Exploring Travel Nurse Housing Sites

  1. Furnished Finder: Specializing in short-term housing for healthcare professionals, Furnished Finder connects travelers with furnished properties. This is one of the most common travel nurse housing site that we see our travelers use during their travel assignment!
  2. Travel Nurse Housing: This website is dedicated exclusively to travel nursing housing, offering a comprehensive database of listings tailored to the unique needs of healthcare travelers.
  3. Airbnb: While not healthcare-specific, Airbnb allows users to find short-term rentals and may offer options suitable for travel nurses.
  4. VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner): Similar to Airbnb, VRBO lists vacation rentals that can be suitable for short-term stays.


The Role of Nursing Recruiters in Housing

At GetMed Staffing, we place travel nurses all over the United States! With each travel nurse or travel LPN we work with, we gain valuable knowledge on what is or isn't working for our travelers.

Understanding Preferences and Needs

Recruiters actively communicate with nurses to understand their housing preferences, such as location, housing type (apartment, house), and amenities.

Negotiating Housing Stipends

Recruiters assist in negotiating housing stipends as part of the overall compensation package. They ensure that the stipend aligns with the cost of living in the assigned location.

Providing Local Insights

Recruiters often have local knowledge about the assignment locations. They can offer insights into neighborhoods, commute times, and proximity to amenities, helping nurses make informed decisions.

Offering Guidance on Housing Search

Recruiters may provide guidance on using housing platforms, offer recommendations for reliable websites, and share tips on conducting an effective housing search.

Personalized Support

Recognizing that each healthcare professional has unique preferences and needs, recruiters offer personalized support throughout the housing process, tailoring solutions to individual requirements.

Post-Placement Follow-up

After placement, recruiters often follow up with healthcare professionals to ensure that their housing arrangements are satisfactory and address any concerns that may arise during the assignment.

Embarking on a travel nursing or LPN journey is an exciting adventure, and securing the right housing is a crucial aspect of that expedition. By leveraging the resources available on travel nurse housing sites and understanding the role of nursing recruiters, healthcare professionals can ensure a seamless transition into their temporary homes. May your housing search be stress-free, and your travels be filled with rewarding experiences!

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