Happy Occupational Therapy Month!

Traveling as an Occupational Therapist:

Apr 5, 2022

Happy National Occupational Month from GetMed Staffing! 

This month we are celebrating the outstanding occupational therapists in the field who make a difference in patients’ lives every day. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and we are taking the time to extend our appreciation to you!  

The traveling healthcare industry has many OTs because of the opportunities to work in the field and be able to adventure on their days off. If you’re a board-certified occupational therapist and have caught the travel bug – our team is here to help you in your career of becoming a traveling OT!   

What is the experience like as a traveling OT? 

Travel therapy is a career for occupational therapists looking for a short-term, temporary contract at a facility anywhere across the United States. Assignments can range from 13-26 weeks in length with a typical three-day on / three days off schedule. The types of facilities in need are hospitals, inpatient and outpatient facilities, school systems, and home health networks. If this is getting you excited to explore, it could be the perfect job for you!   As time in the healthcare field continues to display the professional shortage, travel therapy jobs continue to open, and the demand is greater than ever. If you have considered traveling as an occupational therapist, it's time to get going now!   

Who can be a Travel Occupational Therapist?  

Do you desire adventure, have a flexible schedule and provide exceptional quality care to your patients? Travelling could be the right fit for you. After you have one year of experience post-graduation and receive your board certification, give GetMed Staffing a call to get started on your application process. From that point, your recruiter will begin building a relationship with you to learn about your career goals and help find the best job for you!!   

We’ve created a list of all the great benefits while being a traveling occupational therapist. The list isn’t complete but shows a glimpse of what life could be like for you:  

  • Explore the country 
  • Earn more money 
  • Make new friends 
  • Learn from peers 
  • Receive license reimbursement 
  • Advance your career! 
  • Pick where you work 
  • Housing assistance 
  • Travel with a companion 
  • Flexible schedule with time off opportunities 

  The benefits of traveling as an occupational therapist are what attract so many to explore this option. So if you’re unsure of where to get started, we are here to help!  

Once you decide the job would be a good lifestyle choice for you, start researching your opportunities to travel. Look into agencies and recruiters, and connect with peers about their experiences for more information. It is key to partner with someone you trust and who can support you through the transition into traveling. Our team focuses on making your travel assignment a fun, adventurous, and unique experience!

Ready to Go?  

Whether you’re just looking for more information, have a perm job, or are completing another assignment, our team would love to connect with you and learn about your career goals. GetMed Staffing is a diversity-owned healthcare staffing agency that prioritizes our travelers. Our recruiters build strong relationships with each of their travelers and are passionate about helping them achieve success. If you’d like to learn more or join the traveling GetMed team, apply today!