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Why Healthcare Travelers Are Choosing GetMed Staffing

Aug 18, 2022

Regardless if you’re a seasoned pro or new to the realm of travel nursing, working with the right partner will always be paramount to defining how you’ll experience the profession. However, it’s not as easy as throwing a dart and landing on a perfect fit for you. You have to ask these questions: What do you want out of your career? What is your ideal work environment? How can an agency help you achieve your goals, big and small?

 There is no right or wrong answer— only preference. So why are healthcare travelers choosing GetMed? We believe that the following reasons have given us a leg up in helping travelers reach the next steps in their development as healthcare professionals.

We believe in the power of personal touches

The GetMed team understands how vital a travelers' relationship is with their recruiter and our relationship with the healthcare facilities. The needs of our healthcare travelers vary, and therefore we know that a one-size-fits-all solution won’t cut it. Nor should it. We take our expertise and tailor it to our travelers’ experiences to reduce the stress these processes can have on everyone involved, and so we all gain knowledge to make the next assignment for every traveler even better. GetMed also acknowledges that some medical staffing agencies might not be the most reliable, and we never want our partners to feel like they can’t come to us when they need help. It’s kind of hard to feel comfortable reaching out to people who don’t even remember your name.

“I’ve worked with bigger travel nurse companies, and I can honestly say I prefer the personal attention I get from GetMed Staffing. My recruiter is a long-distance work bestie, and I’m lucky to work with such a dedicated, knowledgeable woman.” – Becky

We focus on adventure but not on escape

We’d be naive to think that a lot of the allure of travel nursing isn’t made up of the adventure aspect of the job description. While we want individuals driven by curiosity and exploration— we don’t want it to seem like we’re selling vacations. Nursing is a trying but rewarding career, and we love working with travelers who agree with our sentiment that traveling isn’t to escape life but to make sure life doesn’t escape us. Adventure breeds growth—professionally and personally— by pushing healthcare workers (and people in general) out of their familiar, which is what we believe is valuable.

No compromises

On a more serious note, we’d be remiss not also to acknowledge an ugly elephant. GetMed Staffing is a diversity-owned healthcare staffing agency that prioritizes you as a healthcare professional through thick and thin. We are aware of some of the prejudices that some travelers can face while on assignment, and we are always behind you. Although we value our relationship with facilities, they are not who we will prioritize or placate if our travelers experience unacceptable behavior. We simply won’t tolerate it. You will never be blacklisted. You will never even have to think about it. We will support you and aid you in any way we can.

We want you to grow, not just succeed

Our team knows their stuff, and we love to share our knowledge. We leverage our 20 years of expertise to hone your experience from start to finish, from selecting your healthcare staffing agency to choosing the right healthcare travel assignment, all the way to onboarding on the job. We’re with you every step of the way to ensure you feel empowered and supported. The key is cultivating transparency between our recruiters, facilities, and travelers. We understand that you have so many choices when it comes to finding a staffing agency, so your investment in us means a lot. Our team creates a community of people who care about you, doing everything in our power to ensure your success.

“As a nurse of 10+ years, I’ve never worked with recruiters as experienced and dedicated to finding the right job for their nurses.” – Rebekah

Are you ready to get into GetMed?

Our team is here for you whether you want to transition your skillset from a permanent position to a traveling healthcare profession or add another assignment to your list. Healthcare professionals are more in-demand than ever, and with an increasing number of open positions, travelers can expect to earn more financially and reap the benefits of more flexibility.

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