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Why Travel May Be Perfect Early in Your Career

Dec 11, 2019

One of the single best opportunities available to medical professionals is the ability to travel throughout the country. There are very few jobs that allow you to have a trial period of living in a new place, all while improving your skillset and earning maximum wages. Although the decision to travel is not easy, it is an adventure!

As a medical professional, it is important to challenge yourself and enjoy experiencing more of the unknown. It might be uncomfortable at first, but stepping outside your comfort zone expands your horizons and offers you the opportunity to meet new people, develop better clinical skills and reach the next level of your career potential. As a medical professional, early in your career, you might be concerned it's too soon to start traveling. Here are some reasons why travel may be perfect for you.

Medical Travelers Build A Skill Set You Don't Get Anywhere Else

Strong clinical skills and a pleasant bedside manner are foundation skills all medical professionals need. But, experiences as a traveler increase your clinical skills at a quicker pace and improves soft skills many seasoned hiring managers are seeking. These include flexibility, team-orientation, eager to learn new skills, personal growth, and an open mind.

As a medical professional you’ll be expected to fit smoothly into an established team. However, as you choose assignments you have the opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners across and to work with leaders throughout the nation. Each of these new assignments can be added to your resume demonstrating your ability to grow and adapt under a variety of circumstances. Additionally, the more assignments you take, the larger your network grows, which is an advantage when you need referrals, recommendations, and interviews.

Cultural Competency Is Important

Your ability to adapt quickly in changing situations is an excellent skill. When added to dealing with different cultures, you quickly understand and learn different values, norms, and customs. This is defined as cultural competency, and something every organization wishes to expand and develop. Cultural competency builds strong communication skills across the staff level and improves patient compliance with medical recommendations. In the medical field, cultural competence means working with patients and colleagues. It focuses on how you treat your patients, their families, and your fellow teammates, all of which develop a strong working environment.

You'll Experience Fun, Adventure and Flexible Options

As someone early in your career, you will have flexible options you may not have otherwise experienced. You'll be able to take an assignment in one location, take a short break and switch to a different location, all while my maintaining good salary and benefits. As a traveler, you'll enjoy a competitive salary, shift differentials, and bonuses. GetMed Medical Staffing helps with your travel expenses, health insurance, and offers competitive pay with retirement and life insurance options. While you will be working, there will be plenty of time to explore new cities and places. This is an adventure that offers you the opportunity to discover how different facilities develop best practices.

Are You Ready to Travel?

You may be overwhelmed as you consider your next steps in the job market. The professional recruiters at GetMed Medical Staffing are supportive, knowledgeable, and sincerely interested in your professional and personal growth. Contact us today and we can begin working with you to develop a career plan you'll find satisfying and rewarding.