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Why You Should Start Traveling as a Surgical Technologist: The Benefits and How to Get Started!

May 24, 2022

Have you had the itch to start traveling especially as needs arise but want to put your skillset toward helping others? Traveling as a Surgical Tech can be the right career for you! It allows you to combine your two passions of traveling while working in your dream career. If you have thought about traveling as a healthcare professional, the demand now is higher than ever, now is your time to adventure!  


The employment of Surg techs is projected to grow 9 percent from 2020 to 2030, causing about 9,000 projected openings each year that will need filling according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As the demand continues to increase, it is clear there is a shortage of surgical techs which has caused an increase in the demand for traveling healthcare professionals needed who can fill in during a temporary period. So, if you have the passion GetMed Staffing would love to put those dreams into action and start your career as a traveling Surg Tech today!   


What is a traveling Surg Tech?  

A traveling surgical technologist is a healthcare professional who chooses to travel and work in a temporary position/location for anywhere from a 4–26-week (about 6 months) period. The technologist fills in where a hospital has an opening because someone is on sick leave or parental leave.   


The traveling surgical technologist is hired and employed by the healthcare staffing agency the professional chooses to work with. That partnership allows the professional to have access to different jobs, pay, and resources while on the job. Who you partner with is so important, ensure you choose a recruiter who is there for you and helps you achieve your goals by providing you with an honest, transparent, mutually beneficial relationship.   


The Pros of Traveling as a Surg Tech:  

  1. Travel the country and get paid to explore – with locations across the United States, GetMed is there to make your travel adventures happen. Start by sharing location ideas with your recruiter to get the ball rolling and their eyes peeled for any openings in that spot!  

  1. Earn more money – it is no secret being a traveling healthcare professional can earn you up to 15% more than working at a permanent staff job. Pay is dependent on location and assignment but start searching by contacting a recruiter today!   

  1. The Benefits – enjoy the GetMed Benefits when you’re a part of the team!   

  • We offer - Medical (health, dental, vision) insurance, 401K + Company match, and life insurance.   
  • Customized Housing Options   
  • License and Certificate Reimbursement   
  • Referral Program   
  1. Flexibility to do your thing – have a pet? Want to take a trip with three weeks off in between assignments? You can because it's your time and schedule!  


We're Here for YOU! 👏

Being a traveling surgical tech can come with a couple of adjustments needed, and that is where our team comes alongside you to get through it. No matter what, your recruiter is there to help provide you with any and all information you may need. Things we know from experience:   

  1. Applying for New State Licenses – this process can be daunting, especially when not all the states have the same legislation. Work with your recruiter to identify and pinpoint if any further certifications are needed in a state you’d like to take an assignment in! We help you from start to finish, even with paying, to achieve new certifications.    
  2. The Unknown – there are so many changes you encounter as you start traveling as a healthcare professional and that change can bring a sense of unknown. We get it and are here for you to provide you with information on considerations to have, how to budget for traveling, any orientation information on the facility, etc.     
  3. Moving a lot can feel isolating and lonely – a life filled with moving locations every 13 weeks comes with having to leave behind some friends and colleagues. Traveling as a surg tech can become an isolated adventure, and that is why many travelers choose to travel with a pet, spouse, or friend. It is cool to see how many traveling pairs there are in the healthcare industry, and with the rise of jobs having remote access, GetMed is seeing more healthcare professionals jump into traveling!   


The Choice is Yours!   

As you take in all the considerations to becoming a traveling Surg tech, remember the GetMed team is here for you! It is important to partner with a company and recruiter you can trust with your career. Healthcare professionals are more in-demand than ever and with an increasing number of open positions, travelers can earn more money, have more flexibility, and travel the country while working in the healthcare industry. Our team focuses on making your travel assignment a fun, adventurous, and unique experience; let’s start this adventure!   


Get Traveling with GetMed 🥳

GetMed Staffing is a diversity-owned healthcare staffing agency that prioritizes you as a healthcare professional. Our recruiters are dedicated to each of their travelers and are passionate about helping them achieve success! If you’d like to learn more or join the traveling GetMed team, apply today!