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Yes, It's Okay to Work with Multiple Agencies!

Mar 9, 2020

One of the most important factors that affect your experience as a traveler is your Recruiter. This is your agent, employer, career coach, sometimes a life counselor.  So why do some travelers work with more than one agency/recruiter?  And is this a good idea?

The answer depends on you, your goals, and your agency. But the short answer is, yes, it is certainly okay to work with multiple agencies to meet your travel goals. 

If you are working with a recruiter and company you love and trust, who is able to keep you employed consistently, you are in an ideal situation.  (It sounds like you’re working for GetMed!)  The more committed you are to your recruiter, the more committed they are to keeping you happily working. 

However, there are times when having backup companies is very beneficial.  It’s like having Netflix but adding Hulu for more content.

Situations where you may benefit from working with multiple agencies:

  • You need to stay in a specific geographic area
  • Your specialty is not in high demand
  • You are not 100% happy with your current agency/recruiter
  • Your recruiter leaves the company
  • You are in a time-sensitive situation and are needing a contract quickly

Things to consider when working with more than one agency:

  • Complete your profile: You’ll be required to complete additional paperwork for each agency with whom you’re working
  • Avoid duplicate submissions: When your profile is being sent out to facilities, be aware of where each agency is sending your information. This is to avoid multiple submissions to the same assignment, which can cause confusion with the hospital/vendor, and in some cases, eliminate you from consideration.  
  • Document, document, document: Take good notes to keep your submissions organized.

What Can You do to Keep It All Straight?

It's important to remember that this is a business relationship. When you accept an assignment with another company, inform the other recruiters with whom you are working that you are no longer available. This is important so your profile can be withdrawn from other pending assignments and you can avoid interviewing for jobs for which you are no longer available. 

Also, more is not necessarily better.  It’s best to work with a manageable number of agencies (ideally 1-3). This will save you time on the front end, eliminate confusion, and help you juggle everything during the job search phase. 

GetMed Is Here to Help You on Your Journey!

Our recruiters are experts at finding traveling positions that meet your needs. We love working with our travelers and look forward to working with you! Call our recruiters today to set up an appointment and discover how easy it is to work with our incredible team.