Must-Have Packing Hacks for Your Next Assignment

Apr 6, 2020

Traveling is fun and full of adventure. It is even more so when you have things from home that keep you comfortable and prepared. Living as a traveler means your sort of in limbo between being a permanent resident and a traveler. Having all the comforts of home would be ideal but unrealistic. However, there is a happy medium. 

Before you get started jamming everything into your suitcases, check with your recruiter to find out what will be provided in furnished housing. You might choose to bring your own, or you may choose to use what's provided, but you have to know what's provided first! 

Pack the Essentials in One Suitcase 

Whether you're driving, flying, or taking the train, it is easier to keep track of the necessities that are not easily replaced. Choose one bag that includes your toiletries, important medications, a change of clothing, and any must-have documents that you'll need in your new home. These could consist of copies of your resume, first day instructions from your recruiter, and information about your new housing assignment. 

Home Essentials Make You Feel More at Home 

You will want to check with your recruiter, so you don't end up packing anything that's unnecessary. However, as you consider what to bring, think about the necessities that make you feel more at home. In other words, your new housing assignment may come with a fully stocked kitchen, but bringing your special teapot or mugs will help you feel like you're living at home and not in someone else's home. See if this list helps spark an idea of what to bring: 

  • Favorite blankets, bed linens or comforter/duvet 
  • A go-to cooking utensil, pot or pan 
  • YOUR Mug/s 
  • Several dishes and flatware 
  • Coffee Maker or Tea kettle 
  • Photos or artwork 
  • Dishtowels 
  • Desk lamp 

You've Packed Your Clothes - Now What? 

Along with the items that make you feel more at home, you'll have additional things you'll want to have with you. As you're packing and getting ready to leave, be sure to stay organized, which makes unpacking simpler. Label your boxes or plastic totes and remember to pack a first aid kit. Here's a list of personal and work items you may not have considered - but would have made life more challenging if you forgot them:

  • A copy of your contract 
  • Car registration and insurance papers 
  • Social Security card and copy of your birth certificate, nursing license, and credentials 
  • Credit and/or debit cards 
  • List of phone numbers: recruiter, manager 
  • First-day instructions 
  • Alarm clock 
  • Laptop, tablet 
  • Digital speakers 
  • Charging cords for all electronics 

Ready. Set. Go! 

You've been ready to take a traveling assignment, and this might be one of the best times to do it. Shortages across the country mean you have different assignments from which to choose. Call our professional recruiter today to get started finding your next new adventure.