Where will your travels take you in 2020?

Where Will Your Travels Take You in 2020? 

Jan 13, 2020

Choosing your travel assignments can be fun and exciting. One of the perks of traveling is you’re only on assignment for 13 weeks typically. So, if you aren’t thrilled with your location, in just a few weeks you can choose another. If you love it, you may want to consider extending your stay or even seeking permanent employment. Every traveler has the ability to make their decision about their assignments based on their criteria!

Friends and Family May Be Important in Your First Assignment 

As you consider where you may want to travel, many first-time travelers rank friends and family at the top of their list. If you have a built-in support system in your new location, it can make becoming accustomed to traveling that much easier. You may have a cousin in a unique location you’d like to visit or a brother or sister who has moved away. These connections can help as you accommodate to living in a different city, making it easier the next time you travel. 

Traveling Can Expand Your Professional Skills and Network 

If one of the reasons you’re traveling is to expand your skills and professional network, then you’ll likely prefer working in large teaching hospitals over whether or not you can ski or visit with family. Teaching hospitals offer a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to leaders in your profession, new procedures, state-of-the-art technology, and learn about specialized surgeries, experimental treatments, and therapies. 

Are You a Hiker, Biker, or Culture Fanatic? 

Another piece of criteria that is important to many are the activities you can enjoy when you’re off work. You may be able to combine working in a teaching hospital with your love of opera or museums. If you enjoy skiing, your recruiter can help find assignments in the mountain states, or in areas where there are ski resorts. Whatever your particular sport or hobby, there are areas of the country where they exist side-by-side with hospitals searching for medical travelers. 

Money Talks and You Listen 

As a medical traveler, you have access to working in exceptional facilities with the potential to make more money than you would as a permanent employee. Hospitals pay a premium for travelers who are willing to fill in when they have a shortage. If your goal is to make the most in the shortest amount of time, no matter where you live, then your recruiter can help you meet that goal. The combination of your salary, per diem rate, and housing help make earning a little extra, a little easier. You may also consider supplementing this with overtime if your contract allows. 

GetMed Recruiters Can Help Prioritize Your Priorities 

Are you ready for your next travel assignment but not sure where you want to go? Do you have something you want to accomplish this year? Our professional recruiters are ready and willing to help you choose your next assignment and increase the potential you’ll achieve your goals in 2020. Call GetMed Staffing today, and let’s work together!