GetMed Staffing's Director of Long-Term Care, Tony Korth

A Q&A With GetMed’s Director of Long-Term Care

Nov 8, 2022

Communication is such a vital part of healthcare and one of GetMed’s core values as a company. Therefore, in commemoration of Long-Term Care Awareness month, we sat down with our Director of Long-Term Care, Tony Korth, to talk about his experience, thoughts, and advice for nurses in or curious about the role of long-term care professionals.

What drew you to GetMed and working in the LTC Division as the Director?

Growing up, my grandma worked in a Long-Term Care facility as an LPN for 28 years and the love I had for what she did each day made a powerful impact on my life. I have been in healthcare staffing for just over 10+ years now, starting back in July 2012. I started out recruiting RNs, LPNs, and CNAs and thoroughly enjoyed building relationships with each traveler on a personal level.

From there, I wanted to be part of something influential from the ground up in a division that was close to my heart. GetMed felt like home for me right away. The first time I spoke with each owner cemented that sense of community, and working for a company that cares about you makes coming to work each day exciting! Reflecting on my decision, it was like my grandma was telling me to make a difference, and she would be incredibly proud of me for following her lead.

What makes long-term care different from other parts of nursing?

Long-term care is critical because as people continue to live longer, the demand for more help in LTC facilities also increases. Each person is going through a different stage in life, and ensuring they are taken care of by a good RN, CNA, or LPN makes a world of difference. It’s strange to think about, but most of our families will have someone live in a long-term care unit, and as you realize how this truly affects a family, it makes you take a step back and consider the necessity for reliable care.

What are some common roadblocks for a new LTC nurse, and what advice would you give to combat them?

Long-term care nurses must be very flexible regarding shifts, patient ratios, and facility demands. All facilities have had such a staffing shortage that the pressure to dive in and do what is asked (preferably perfectly right away) is an enormous challenge, as patient acuity has continued to grow over the past several years. LTC nurses must ensure they are comfortable with these facilities. Be kind to yourself, keep going, and trust in your ability to adapt.

Do you have any resource recommendations for LTC nurses?

I would recommend the book First Year Nurse. This book gives you a solid foundation of a day in the life of a nurse and things to expect on the job, providing an inside look at working with co-workers, doctors, and nurses, as well as communication on the units. I also feel that following other nurses’ blogs on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok can help provide very insightful information on facilities nationwide that you would be going to help!

What is the best advice you’ve gotten regarding working in LTC, and do you have any wise words for LTC nurses? 

Do your research! Make sure you know what kind of facility you will be working in and if it aligns with your goals. These facilities need their care teams to help patients with their everyday needs. Be sure you check out the community you will be going to so that it is a place you feel comfortable with.

LTC patients will look up to you when they are going through difficult times. Just know you are all heroes, and your daily sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. You are appreciated.

How to become part of the LTC team at GetMed

Partnering with a company and recruiter you can trust with your career is essential. Healthcare professionals are more in-demand than ever, and with an increasing number of open positions, travelers can earn more money, have more flexibility, and travel the country while working in the healthcare industry.

  • Becoming a GetMed traveler means you receive the following benefits:
  • Medical (health, dental, vision) insurance, 401K + Company match, and life insurance.  
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