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Should You Extend Your Current Travel Assignment?

Jul 19, 2022

You have a great start to your new contract, and before you know it, your 13-week assignment will be finished, and you’ll be working with your recruiter to plan the next! But what if you don’t want to leave just yet? The decision comes to the surface as you contemplate traveling to a new location or extending your current assignment to stay for a while longer. So, what will it be?

To extend or not to extend?

We get it, you’ve been loving all aspects of your new assignment and want to stay. Who are we to tell you no? But it is a possibility depending on the facility and its plans. Start the discussion with your recruiter to learn about any communications made prior to discussing the position and if an extension is possible. Although the decision isn’t solely based on your experience, it is crucial to reflect on why you enjoy your current assignment and if it is a good fit for you?

Here are the top considerations you should make when contemplating whether to extend or not

  • What aspects make your day-to-day work rewarding? Are these specific to this assignment, or can you find it at another location?
  • Do you love the work you are doing daily?
  • Do you currently enjoy the city/town you are in? What do you do for fun?
  • What factors do you not enjoy during your travel nurse assignment? Can this be tolerated for another 13 weeks?
  • What are some current pros vs. cons of taking a new assignment vs. extending?
  • Does taking an extension at your current assignment jeopardize your tax home status or affect how you intend to file your taxes?

This is, of course, not a complete list of things to consider, but it does highlight some important factors to review on how the current assignment affects you. Another essential guide when making this decision is referring to your goals of traveling as a healthcare professional and ensuring you’re working toward that goal with each assignment you take.

How to ask for an extension

Step 1: Talk to your current nursing manager.

To some, this can initially seem very scary. However, if you are serious about wanting to extend your contract, speaking with your current nursing manager can help you get ahead. Don’t be afraid to be vocal about how you feel at the end of your assignment. This type of information allows you to start a conversation with managers so that you can avoid the possibility of the hospital already interviewing to fill your position when your 13-week assignment is completed.

Step 2: Connect with your recruiter.

After you have told your nursing manager you are interested in extending your contract, contact your recruiter immediately so they can help you get the ball rolling! Extending your contract is a win-win-win situation for the hospital, agency, and you. There's no need to worry about additional paperwork that comes with starting a new assignment or trying to find housing; in most cases, this allows money to be saved and put back into your pocket! GetMed loves knowing you want to extend your contract because it means you are happy, and that is our number one priority.

Step 3: Always keep your options open.

Depending on the hospital’s needs, there may not be an option to extend. In this case, your recruiter will help you find the best match for you! Want to stay in that location? Let’s find a nearby facility with contracts you can fill. Want to make more money? We can search for high-paying contracts together to ensure you are happy with where you are! The opportunities are endless, and we aim to help you live out your dreams as a traveling healthcare professional.

Get started on your next assignment with GetMed

You are provided with many perks when you travel with GetMed Staffing, but our team tops them all. Our experience and care allow our team to connect with you deeper to learn about your career drivers and help you further them! So, whether you’re looking to transition your skillset from a permanent position toward becoming a traveling healthcare professional or adding another assignment to your completed list, our team is here for you! Healthcare professionals are more in-demand than ever, and with an increasing number of open positions, travelers can earn more money, have more flexibility, and travel the country while working in the healthcare industry.


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