A GetMed physical therapist traveling right after college
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Advantages of a Traveling Physical Therapist Post-College

Mar 22, 2023

Becoming a physical therapist can be an enriching career path in healthcare. Unlike other positions in the industry that spend a limited time with patients, physical therapists spend weeks and sometimes months with their patients, allowing them to build more meaningful relationships.

A historical photo of women working in the healthcare industry

Celebrating Eight Influential Women in Medical History

Mar 2, 2023

Throughout history, women have faced prejudice in the scientific and medical communities and were generally excluded from roles except for nursing or midwifery. However, women have been making an impact in the industry since the ancient Greeks. The mid-1850s marked a turning point in society’s view toward women working in science and medicine.

A GetMed Allied traveler assisting a patient.
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GetMed Staffing Launches Allied Division

Feb 21, 2023

The GetMed Staffing team is growing again! We’re excited to announce the addition of an Allied Division to our staffing services. What is the difference between a travel nurse and an allied traveler? Below, we’ll do a brief walkthrough of who will oversee the division, what modalities are included in our Allied Division,  and the benefits of becoming an Allied traveler.